How to identify a later MAN/Mercedes Actros chassis

Early MAN chassis, single rear wheels and short wheel base.

How to identify early MAN/MercedesChassis

No dummy engine, different rear lights/bumper and side detail fixings, available in 3 lengths 4x2, 6x4 tractor, 6x4 and 8x4 'euro' and the longest  LWB Mack . Mack also has a different front axle moulding with mud flaps and the front track is slightly wider.

How to identify MB Arocs/Scania R series/Mack chassis

MB Arocs/Man Tga Chassis, Note the dummy engine, available in 2 lengths , 4x2 , tractor 6x4, rigid 8x4 and 6x4

​Tips and tricks

To remove front or rear wheels cut a slit in the collar using a scalpel, cut right through till you reach the metal axle then pull! Wheels will go back on and stay in place using this method.